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Greetings, Complaints, it is I, your favorite vertically challenged nervous wreck.

Today, I bring you all a tale of woe involving tears, anger, and a 1TB external hard drive...but first, we need to backpedal a bit, to September of 2014, just a bit after my nineteenth birthday.

I got the PC version of Skyrim for my nineteenth birthday last year as a upgrade from the Xbox 360 version, but alas, all I had was a MacBook Air. So the tech guys at my university took my computer, split the hard drive in half, and installed Windows 7 on the new half. I install Skyrim, everything works great!

Then, hurdle number one: Not Enough Memory

As the number of mods I used increased, the amount of memory I had available started to decrease. Since my hard drive was split in half, I was running with very little memory in the first place. It also didn't help that I got my hands on the other four games in the Elder Scrolls series (yes, even the ones that came out in the 1990s), which, when installed, would eat every last empty bit of space I had left.

This was solved in December of 2014 when I got a 1 TB external hard drive for Christmas. I moved all of my games and then some onto it, and after about two hours of screaming everything worked just fine.

Things went along just fine (not including my brief hospitalization two days after Christmas because my digestive system decided to break).

Then, in February, along came hurdle number two: Skyrim Broke

Running close to 200 mods, many of which were terribly buggy ones, Skyrim gave a few last gasps and died. I basically turned into a surgeon and went deep into the scripts of the game itself, manually removing and deleting all of the buggy mods and then some, deleting scripts, and adding bug fixing mods. I spent three days in total just sitting there fixing the damn thing.

In the end, it was running better than the day I actually got the game. Everything was running swimmingly until Thursday morning of last week, when I was working on an assignment.

Since 1 TB of memory was way bigger than I thought (all of the games and software I have on there and I still have 900 GB of space left), I keep a bunch of assignments on the external hard drive, as well.

I open my computer up, go to look for the assignment, and encounter hurdle number three: The External Hard Drive Isn't Showing Up

For the past week, it had been randomly disconnecting itself, which I could fix by unplugging it from my computer and plugging it back in. Now, it had disconnected itself, but when I unplugged and plugged, it didn't show. I sat there for about ten minutes plugging, unplugging, and replugging, panic increasing. The assignment was due the next day and I couldn't find the other flash drive I had backed it up onto. Worse yet, about 150 dollars worth of video games was on that thing.

I turn the computer itself off and turn it back on again, and the external hard drive finally shows up. I go about my day with a slight sense of unease.

Friday comes. I've gone home for a week. I set up my computer to get that assignment finished and emailed in.

External hard drive doesn't show up.

This time, I turned the computer on and off again about four times before it finally started to work. I finish the assignment, turn it in, and eat dinner with my brother.

I come back to my computer to find the hard drive had disconnected itself again. This time, after ten tries, it still won't come back. Now I'm screaming in frustration.

It randomly works again Sunday night for a few hours, which I spend finally playing my games for the first time since I got home. I finished all of my assignments, I deserve some time to play my games.

Monday morning, I go to play my games again, the drive was, you guessed it, disconnected.

In a rage, I yanked it out of my computer, shook it around for a little while, then plugged it into the family desktop computer, a large iMac.

It shows up...? :stare:

My brother brings me his laptop, a Chromebook. It shows up. :iconupsidedownstareplz:

Cue me running around the house stabbing it into every USB device I could find. It showed up on all of them.

I turn my computer off, then turn it back on, making sure that it loads onto the Mac part of my hard drive.

It works. :iconstareshakeplz:

I turn it off again and load it onto the PC side.

It doesn't work. :iconstareexplodeplz:

Last night, it still wasn't working, no matter what I did. By that point I had taken to the internet. I found a bunch of old forum threads from 2011 where people were having the same problems. I had to sift through the threads that had two posts ("I'm having this problem" then "Never mind, I fixed it" with NO EXPLANATION, relevant XKCD). Eventually I found a worthy thread and tried everything it suggested.  Nothing worked

Hell, I even asked my dad to help me perform a blood sacrifice to the Dark Lord Cthulu. He told me to take a nap.

Still in search of answers, I run around the house grabbing every single USB stick I can find. If it can be plugged into a computer I grabbed it.

All of them worked.

I tried the external hard drive one more time and it still</u> didn't work.

Cue pteradactoyl screeches.

Finally, I get so frustrated that I throw the piece of shit technology at my dad and demands he fixes it. He's up until about two in the morning playing around with the thing before he gives up.

Now, it's Thursday night. My mom and brother take me out for dinner because I'm getting ready to give the hard drive a Viking funeral in a pool of gasoline and need to calm down. I get home and my dad presents me with a USB hub that you plug into the wall and your computer, THEN plug in all of your devices.

We plugged it in and waited several agonizing minutes. Then, the moment of truth arrives, and I plug in my external hard drive.

It works.

I lay down on the floor and cry.

I need a nap.

:icontealdeerplz::iconsaysplz:My external hard drive is a little bitch and it almost made me perform a blood sacrifice to Dark Lord Cthulu.

Bonus Complaint 1: It's still light out in the early evening now and I fucking hate it. My doctor told me that I probably have a weird reverse form of Seasonal Affective Disorder where I get miserable when it's light out instead of the other way around.

Bonus Complaint 2: There's a small chance I might miss the Eurovision final this year and I'm fucking pissed about that.

Anti-Complaint 1: My weird new diet that I had to be put on back in December when I was hospitalized was slightly relaxed. Basically I can eat cheese and drink milk again and that it a cause for celebration.

Anti-Complaint 2: My cats have been very snuggly this week and it makes me happy.

Middas, 3rd of Heartfire, 4E 201

Dear Diary:

I got into another fistfight with a man twice my size today, but this time it was in self-defense. Why do men twice my size keep insisting on fighting me?

We stayed the night at the Palace of the Kings and this morning Ulfric gave me a note that says that I'm allowed to be in the city, which I just need to show to the guards every time I visit (lets hope that it will work). I was still kind of numb from last night's outpouring of emotion and still needed some time to think before going to High Hrothgar, so we scattered through the city in the morning in search of something to do. Kharjo heard something about a bakery and took off in search of it with Faendal in tow (Lydia wants us to be using a “buddy system” while we're in Windhelm because of last night's incident) and I heard something about some kind of museum in the city and dragged Lydia there with me.

It was closed for the day, sadly, because it's Tales and Tallows, so very few things were actually open except for that bakery Kharjo went to, the inn, the apothacary, and a few market stalls. I was crushed to find out that the book store was closed, as well. Lydia and I just kind of stood around in the market, when none other than stupid Rolff Stone-Fist showed up and started heckling us. I'm starting to get REALLY sick and tired of I beat him up right there in the middle of the market.

Well, it was actually more of me defending myself because he took a swing at me and I had to incapacitate him before Lydia tore his heart out through his kneecaps...


“Hey! What are you still doing here?!”

“For the love of Khenthari...” Zahrassa muttered, turning around to see an angry Rolff Stone-Fist standing by the wood chopping block. Sighing heavily and knitting her brows together, she folded her arms across her chest. “What do you want?”

“To know why you're still here!”

“Well, I want to know why you're so persistent in harassing a fifteen-year-old, but it looks like I'll never know, either.” Zahrassa said sarcastically.

“Zahrassa, stop,” Lydia demanded, trying to grab Zahrassa's upper arm. Zahrassa shrugged her off, narrowing her eyes at Rolff.

“I don't like your attitude.” She finally said.

Don't like it? Too bad. This is our city. Ours!” Rolff snapped, stepping closer to Zahrassa and towering over her.

“I didn't see a sign.”

“Zahrassa...” Lydia began once more.

“Don't think I can take you? One hundred Septims says I can punch you back where you came from!”

“That would be quite a feat, considering that I came from Solitude,” Zahrassa sneered, suddenly needing to dodge a fist that came flying at her head. Before Lydia could react, Zahrassa kneed Rolff between the legs in order to stun him. In a series of quick motions, she grasped Rolff's wrist with one hand, slightly digging her claws in before grabbing his upper arm with her other hand. Relying more on her speed than her strength, she turned on the spot, wrapped Rolff's arm around her neck, and pitched herself towards the ground.

“WHAT IN-?!” Rolff cried as Zahrassa tucked her head between her knees and rolled forward, flipping Rolff over her head and taking them both onto the ground. With that, she shoved Rolff's arm off of her throat and sprang back to her feet, turning to glare down at the stunned Nord while keeping her small fists aloft in case he kept swinging. She heard Lydia's sword clatter to the ground as the market went completely silent, Rolff staring up at Zahrassa as is she had just grown an extra head.

“...damn,” a passing Dunmer man said as Zahrassa rolled her head to ease the sudden pain in her neck that had been brought on by flipping a man over her head. Rolff remained on the ground as activity in the market resumed, this time accompanied by the citizens chattering about what they had just witnessed.

“I think you owe me a hundred Septims,” Zahrassa finally said, relaxing from her fighting stance and offering a hand to Rolff. He scowled and shoved it away, lugging himself off of the ground and unwillingly handing Zahrassa the money before stomping away, grumbling. Zahrassa counted the money out in her hands before dropping it into her satchel, a wicked grin momentarily crossing her face.

“Where in Oblivion did you learn how to do that?!” Lydia explained once she picked her sword and jaw up from the ground.

“Sigirek taught me,” Zahrassa shrugged. “Erisla was worried about me not being able to fend off the Thalmor if they came for me since I'm so small, so Sigirek taught me things that relied more on speed than strength.”

“I'm impressed,” Lydia said, her voice carrying a slight hint of pride a mother would have for her children. Zahrassa couldn't help crack a smile.

“I've killed two dragons by climbing on them and you're impressed by me flipping a grown man?” She laughed.

“Being small while fighting a giant creature is an advantage, but being small while fighting a human can lead to some problems,” Lydia pointed out, ruffling Zahrassa's hair.

“Well, it's an advantage when I'm fighting men because their-”

“Someone please explain why I'm hearing about a child in the market flipping a grown man?” Faendal said as he appeared next to Lydia, Kharjo standing behind them with an armful of sweets.

“The guy who grabbed me last night came for round two so I hit him,” Zahrassa explained, raising an eyebrow at one of the cakes Kharjo was holding.

“Mine!” Kharjo snapped when he noticed Zahrassa's wandering eye, turning slightly away from her.

“Sharing is caring!” Zahrassa parotted from days long ago, putting her hands on her hips and glaring.

“I bought them, they are mine!”

“Hand 'em over, furball!”

“Oh, for the love of Mara...” Faendal sighed.


I never did get one of Kharjo's sweetrolls, but I did get yelled at by Lydia for causing a ruckus. It seems that she has taken it upon herself to be my mother despite not being much older than me. I think she's between twenty and twenty-three...hold on, let me ask.

Yeah, it's twenty-two. So yeah, not much older than me. Though she says that doesn't matter because Nords are emotionally mature before Khajiit. Khajiit aren't done growing until we're twenty, while Nords are considered adults when they turn sixteen. That's scary, because I'm turning sixteen during Rain's Hand next year and can barely function when there isn't a responsible adult around. And let me tell you, I can count the number of responsible adults currently in my life on one hand. Lydia is pretty much the only one.

Anyway, after the small scuffle over sweet rolls, Lydia dragged us to the apothacary to pick up some more potions since we were running low. In doing so, I got suckered into another “delivery” job, where I need to go crawl into another crypt full of draugr to find this thing called “the white phial” for the shopkeeper Nurelion.

Eh, why not? Draugr aren't too difficult as long as you can confuse them enough that they stop fighting or lead them into a trap. Or ambush them while they're “playing dead”, that's always fun.

So we went off to get this phial at this place called the “Forsaken Cave” (Lydia wasn't pleased about being “sidetracked” again, but I'm the Dragonborn and I can do what I want) and made short work of the draugr that got in our way. I avoided getting into melee range as much as possible to avoid getting any of their blood on me, yick!

There were also a bunch of those swinging blade traps that were in Bleak Falls Barrow, but they were, mercifully, much smaller and easier to crawl under. Whoever built that crypt wasn't very smart.

I got my hands on the phial once we got rid of an unusually powerful draugr that I had snuck around. Faendal and I kept it confused by alternating who shot it with arrows, and then Lydia and Kharjo came at it from its sides. It was really quite elegant.

The phial, not so much. It had a bunch of huge cracks in it. Nurelion won't be happy with that one, I hope he doesn't think I broke it. I know better than to smash valuable objects! I may have been born in a secret skooma den under a barn, but I certainly don't act like it, that you very much!

There was also another one of those glowing walls like the one Faendal and I found in Bleak Falls Barrow. This one said “Krii”, which makes me wonder which Shout type thing it is. I'll probably have to eat another dragon soul to figure it out, but I really don't want to encounter any more dragons until I actually know what I'm doing.

It was too late and too cold to get back to Windhelm when we finally crawled out of there, so we went and stayed at the inn in Heljarchen for the night. It's a sketchy little place, but hey, at least it's better than a tent in the middle of nowhere!

Though the way Lydia is acting, I'd probably prefer a tent I the middle of nowhere. At least then she'd let me sleep.

Or at least try to.

- Zahrassa

Turdas, 4th of Heartfire, 4E 201

Dear Diary:

Absolutly nothing of interest happened today. We got up super early, left Heljarchen, braved a blizzard, and made it back to Windhelm in just four hours.

Though there was that Dark Brotherhood assasin just past Agna's Mill that was out for my tail. Lydia killed her before I knew there was someone there, so I'm not really worried about it. I'd much rather the Dark Brotherhood than the Thalmor, at least the Dark Brotherhood is up front about trying to kill you. The Thalmor just throw you in prison and torture you to death.

Lydia got herself all worked up about it, though. She got really mad when Kharjo suggested that she get a stiff drink. The next few days are going to be extra special, aren't they?

Anyway, Like I said. Nothing much happened. I gave the phial to Nurelion, visited the Temple of Talos, and spent the rest of the day at the inn since the cold was getting dangerous.

We're leaving for Ivarstead, the small town at the base of the mountain High Hrothgar is on, tomorrow. I'm glad to be going somewhere that's reasonably warm, since Windhelm is almost completely encased in ice. I fell down three times trying to get to the apothacary alone!

- Zahrassa

Loredas, 6th of Heartfire, 4E 201

Dear Diary:

We made it Riften yesterday, but then a nasty thunderstorm struck and we couldn't continue on to Ivarstead. We made it here in relatively one piece, but there were still plenty of distractions along the way, including an Orc Stronghold under seige by giants and way too many bears. I got suckered into helping the Stronghold since their chief forbade them from going past the walls and the wise woman needed some alchemical ingredients to make an offering to Malacath. I need to find some troll fat and a Daedra heart so that they can ask Malacath to stop sending giants after them.

I also learned that when a giant slams their club onto the ground, you jump like your life depends on it, otherwise you'll get tossed into the air by the shockwave. Trust me on this one. I'm still smarting.

Anyway, once we battled our way through the many bears (seriously, how many bears are there in this gods-forsaken Hold?), we made it to town, and let me tell you, it isn't much. There's a mill, an inn, a general store, a few houses, and that's about it. While we were questioning the locals I overheard a teenager telling her father that she wanted to move away and he got extremely angry at her for wanting to “abandon the town”. “What town?” is all I have to offer on that subject.

One of the locals, Klimmek, said that we should probably wait until tomorrow morning to head up the mountain, because after dark it gets cold enough to kill a grown man. So we're going up early tomorrow morning so that we can get back down the mountain before Oblivion freezes over just in case the Greybeards don't let us stay overnight.

We still had plenty of time to kill before it was remotely close to a normal hour to go to sleep, so the innkeeper asked me if I could investigate a nearby barrow that was supposedly haunted. Why not?

Turns out it wasn't haunted at all. It was some crazy adventurer pretending to be a ghost to keep people away from the barrow so that they wouldn't bother him on his treasure hunt. Though he did go insane thinking that he actually was the guardian of the barrow while trying to find the key to another one of those dragon claw doors.

Which the innkeeper had the entire time.

This claw looked a lot like the one Faendal and I got in Bleak Falls Barrow, only this one was made out of sapphires. There wasn't any time to try it out today, so I'll save it for another day. It really got me thinking, though; how many other claws like these are out there?

Faendal then got the brilliant idea to try and collect them all so that he can give them to Camilla. What a dork...though that does sound like fun.

Oh well, that will have to be a task for another day. Tomorrow we go to High Hrothgar, and who knows what I'll have to do there. I hope that I can still wander around Skyrim and don't have to stay there. I've really grown to like wandering across the province, even if everything and their mother is trying to kill me.

- Zahrassa 

The Diary of Zahrassa Barahir: Act 1, Chapter 13
About damn time I finally uploaded a new chapter, eh? Well, ya'll know that my life kind of sucked these past few weeks, so I didn't have any drive or time to write the thirteenth chapter. Things should be better now that I have the time.

{<<<The Diary of Zahrassa Barahir: Act 1, Chapter 12} {CHAPTER THIRTEEN} {COMING SOON >>>}

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim © Bethesda Softworks, LLC
The Diary of Zahrassa Barahir © Gracie Erickson

I'm back in the land where I can see four billion tons of white bullshit outside my window (no, I'm not in Washington DC).

I moved into my new, smaller single dorm the day my dad dropped a bed frame on my foot a few weeks ago. This one is somewhat similar to the protective housing dorm I had been living in thanks to my wacko ex-roommate in that I have a room all to myself, but this time around it's part of a four bedroom suite that shares a three-room bathroom (a common room with sinks, a room for the toilet, and a room for the shower). So far I've met two of my three suite mates (the third one is even more of a recluse than I am and I only see her at night when I'm brushing my teeth) and they're lovely people.

I didn't make the mistake I made last time of not telling the extent of my disabilities to my ex-roommate, and I gave them the whole blow-by-blow of my issues and what had happened with my ex-roommate. Their response was "wow, what a bitch, that's no way to treat other people", so I think I'm good.

Plus one of them is in my fiction writing class and loves video games as much as I do. :la:

So far, it's the first week of classes, and everything is going swimmingly. I have friends in all but two of my classes, my fiction writing class is everything I have ever dreamed of in a creative writing class, my third round of internet problems got solved in a record two days, and my next-door suite mate actually tries to maintain a conversation with me when we talk. No problems on the living situation.

There is a problem with math class, however (no surprise there). :stare:

I have math every Tuesday and Thursday, but it might as well be every day for how much misery it's putting me in. I got downgraded to a lower math class this semester because I was never supposed to be in the one I was in last semester. I got put there by an administrative fuck up, so now I'm going backwards.

I get in there Tuesday afternoon, yay, one of my friends in there with me! We sit down in the back of the room talking excitedly as we wait for the professor.

Professor comes in and hands out the syllabus, and then says the six words that can reduce the most hardass college student to tears.

"Calculators are banned in my class."

And yes, everyone in the class started crying (including me because I have no shame).

"What about on tests?"


"What about on homework?"


I'm so goddamned fucked that it isn't even funny. :stare:


Bonus complaint: The air hurts my face. Why do I live where the air hurts my face?

Anti-complaint: My fiction writing professor told me that I can submit fanfiction for our weekly writing assignments because it's "a great starting point to work on your skills". That's the first time I've ever heard an English teacher say something positive about fanfiction and it fills me with joy. :la:
Zahrassa by Crazylittleloon
I finished my picture of Zahrassa, the main character of my Skyrim fanfiction and the Dragonborn. This is what she would look like close to her sixteenth birthday (which I have yet to write, since I'm still writing mid-4E 201). In the parts of the story that are currently online, she has slightly longer hair, but generally covers it up with a hood or headscarf. I don't know how to draw headscarves yet, so I figured I'd just draw a later version of her.

I managed to figure out how to draw a Khajiit face by looking at my Tortieshell cat, hence Zahrassa's snaggle tooth.

Also, I know that the Amulet of Kynareth is supposed to be blue in the center, but the one Zahrassa wears in missing the sapphire (read the story to find out why) so it wouldn't make sense for me to draw it in.

The dark splotch on her face is just a fur pattern, not a scar.

Constructive criticism is very much appreciated.

Many of you know that I was in the hospital a few weeks ago thanks to a genetic disorder delivering a warning shot of things to come. I'm okay now, but I felt like a shlub when I got home because all I could really do was lay on the couch and hate my life.

So I actually got my sketchbook out and started drawing again. I'm surprisingly not as bad as I used to be so I've been trying to repent for my weeaboo sins (if you were watching me when I was fifteen, I'm sorry).

Since I've been writing a Skyrim fanfiction (which ya'll should totally read), I figured, eh, lets draw some of the characters!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim © Bethesda Softworks, LLC
The Diary of Zahrassa Barahir © Gracie Erickson


Journal History


Grace Erickson
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
So I finally got around to putting my actual first name on here. I've gone by my pseudonym for a while on here because I'm a paranoid fuck, but...well, I've gotten a bit better about that, ha.

I'm nineteen and a half, extremely neurotic, and a writer. I seem like an egotistical jackass but I'm actually not, I just pretend to be so I feel better about myself. I enjoy doing stupid shit for other's amusement, video games, and playing with my babies (cats, in case you were wondering).

I'm in my first year of studying for a degree in Creative Writing and will probably go into editing, but my dream job is to be a stand-up comedian.

I've been writing Skyrim fanfiction as of late, because I don't have the time to commit to something of my own at this time. I also want to save any ideas I get for NaNoWriMo, which I have won five years in a row.

I'm extremely skilled at knitting and crochet, which I do a lot in my free time. I make very cute baby hats and can churn a bunch out in one day as long as I don't have any cuts on my fingers. But I just recently moved to the land of snow and crack-houses (aka Northern Pennsylvania) and accidentally left all of my supplies behind. Sob.

I also draw on occasion, but I'm not all that good at it. I'm actually terrible at it. I mostly do it to get a feel for what my characters look like or if I'm stuck in a boring class.

I speak fluent English and German, enough Russian to not get shot, and am learning Finnish.

I'm obsessed with the Elder Scrolls series and the Eurovision Song Contest. I own all five games from The Elder Scrolls, mostly playing Skyrim and Morrowind. Skyrim is my favorite since it was the one I started with and the graphics don't look like potatoes.

As for the Eurovision Song Contest...well, lets just say that I skipped my senior prom to watch it instead and I got so worked up over Denmark winning in 2013 that I actually fell out of my chair. I can sense people talking about Eurovision from up to six miles away in good weather conditions.
It started with the winter Steam sale and a 1TB external hard drive.

It continued with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind resting happily in the new hard drive.

It will end sometime soon with a DOS emulator and The Elder Scrolls I: Arena and The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.

Basically I have all five Elder Scrolls games now and I'm screaming.
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