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Because I, the vertically-challenged cat lady, have nothing better to do than complain about my life, here's how my summer is going so far!

1. Curse you muscle memory!

Back in March, my external hard drive failed and took $300 dollars worth of video games with it. I managed to rescue Skyrim, but everything else was lost; Spore, Arena through Oblivion (I own all of the Elder Scrolls games, suck it), SimCity, everything.

Today, I've managed to restore Skyrim back to the former glory I had it at, SimCity is working once more, and I reinstalled Morrowind earlier last week. I don't have enough memory left on my main hard drive to fit the rest of my games, so they have to wait until I can either get a new, proper computer instead of the Frankentop, as I have come to call my current one or figure out how to split my Steam and Origin installations between two hard drives (yes, I use Origin, don't judge me). The new computer is more likely since mine is a piece of shit MacBook Air with Windows installed and USB objects out the wazoo.

Everything is fine and dandy in my little world of video games...

...well, sort of.

You see, my two favorite games to play as of right now are The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Both are great games in their own right and Morrowind has so far aged decently (the graphics look like thousand-year-old potatoes, though, since it came out in 2002). The only problem I'm encountering?

Muscle memory.

Morrowind and Skyrim have different controls. To get an idea of my struggle, here is an example of a few of the controls:


- SPACEBAR for activating

- “E” for jumping

- “Right click” for opening your inventory

- TAB for changing from first to third person

- "Left click" to attack


- "E" for activating

- SPACEBAR for jumping

- TAB for opening your inventory

- "F" or scrolling to change from first to third person

- "Right click" for left-handed attack

When I first started playing Morrowind in earnest, I kept accidentally trying to use Skyrim's controls. I would have attempted to transfer Skyrim's controls to Morrowind, but because of the fundamental differences between the two games it would have been a nightmare. In Skyrim, you can dual-wield weapons and magic, but can't use magic if you're holding a weapon. In Morrowind, you can't dual-wield, but you can hold a weapon and use magic at the same time. Skyrim also has a WALK - JOG - SPRINT system, while Morrowind only has a WALK - SPRINT system (unless you have mods to increase the starting WALK speed like I do, because I want to play Morrowind, not Snailwind). So yeah, a nightmare to transfer controls. Add in the fact that I play on a bootcamped Mac and don't have as many keys as an actual PC, and it's just...ugh.

Luckily I found an old USB PC keyboard from 1997 in my basement, which will work with my computer once I get the keyboard itself working. All I need is some canned air to get the grime out from under the keys and a few dozen bottles of disinfectant because a lot can happen in that basement between 1997 and 2015. Bugs. Dust. Jimmy Hoffa. Who knows what else is down there? I don't. :stare:

But anyway, back to my griping about muscle memory.

After a few hours of playing Morrowind and screaming because of the cliff racers (which will haunt me until the end of days), I finally get the hang of the controls. Everything is going swimmingly (except for the cliff racers) and I'm running around happily shanking bandits in the face and bribing people into liking me (a system that should be brought back for The Elder Scrolls VI).

A few mornings ago, after checking on my oldest cat from this complaint, I decide to play Skyrim instead of Morrowind for a little while. I've sunk close to 2000 hours on Skyrim (1000 on Xbox 360, almost 1000 on PC), so the control changeover should be easy, right?


Curse you, muscle memory! I didn't want to stab that guard when I tried to open my inventory! Now I can never go back to Markarth! :crying:

Wait, no, that's a good thing. Fuck Markarth.

:icontealdeerplz::iconsaysplz:I tried to open my inventory and now a man is dead.

Anti-complaint: Misty is all better! :la:

All better! by Crazylittleloon

All better! by Crazylittleloon
All better!
Misty was sick over the weekend but she's better now!
And the vertically challenged cranky Loon has returned! Fortunately for me, but unfortunately for you, I have nothing like the epic five-part saga of the shitty roommate anymore, but I think I've brought something to the table to satisfy your need to hear about how shitty my life can get at times.

Very, very early Sunday morning, one of my cats, a fifteen-year-old tortie named Misty, threw up. Then, just a few minutes later, she threw up again. Then again. And again.

This, however, is not a thread about cat puke covering my poor brother's bedroom. It is, however, about the fact that the little cat I've raised since she was six weeks old back in 2000 is ill and we don't know exactly what's wrong with her. :stare:

My brother sat up with her through most of the night as she tried to drink or eat, only to throw it back up a few minutes later. Normally a chatty, bouncy old lady, she was flopped on his bed barely moving and looking miserable.

She couldn't eat or drink all day without vomiting. My brother went out with his friends and I sat with her for a little while. She was chattier, but still not moving much. Despite being fifteen years old, she's a little wiggle worm, so I was getting worried.

I go to take my afternoon nap around two in the afternoon.

Brother comes home, goes up to his room, and sees that she's thrown up all of her food and water once more. It's getting to be early evening and she hasn't been able to eat or drink all day.

I haul ass and bring my baby girl to the emergency animal hospital right around the corner from my house (thank God :stare:). Dad and brother tag along and remind me to put her in the cat carrier because I was already halfway in the driver's seat with her still in my arms.

We show at the animal hospital with both me and the cat looking like a wreck. This is my first baby we're talking about, here. She was the first cat I raised from kittenhood. She's basically my child. My fat, furry child with four legs.

She was scared half to death for most of the appointment. The techs let me hold her while they took her vitals so she wouldn't freak out, and she kept her front legs wrapped around my neck in some weird kind of hug the entire time. And the fur, oh God, the fur.

Sometimes, when a cat gets nervous, they shed. Like crazy. Misty was no exception; I had a new fur jacket when I brought her home. And hat. And pants. And a beard. That's how much she fucking shed.

The good news is that her blood work came back absolutely fine with just some signs of dehydration.

The bad news is that her blood work came back absolutely fine with just some signs of dehydration. AKA they don't know what was wrong with her. Heart rate was normal, temperature was normal, her tummy was normal...they couldn't tell me what was wrong with my baby girl. :stare:

As my writing this at one o'clock in the morning, she's a bit lethargic from medication. The vet gave her fluids to rehydrate her and some anti-nausea medication, and she was put on a twelve hour fast where she isn't allowed to eat or drink. After that, she can have a few tablespoons of food and water. If she can keep it down, then great!

If not, we're back to square one. :stare:

Until then, all I can do is fret. I hope she is okay. :crying:

:icontealdeerplz::iconsaysplz:My oldest cat is sick and I'm worried.

Bonus Complaint: Fucking Cliff Racers. Little skreeing bastards. No wonder they made Jiub a saint. :stare:

Bonus picture of Misty at the vet:

Misty by Crazylittleloon

Not pictured: the poor bastard that had to take her temperature up the butt. My shoulders will never recover from the clawing.
Misty by Crazylittleloon
My fifteen-year-old tortie Misty. Bask in her adorableness. Bask in it.
Greetings, Complaints, it is I, your favorite vertically challenged nervous wreck.

Today, I bring you all a tale of woe involving tears, anger, and a 1TB external hard drive...but first, we need to backpedal a bit, to September of 2014, just a bit after my nineteenth birthday.

I got the PC version of Skyrim for my nineteenth birthday last year as a upgrade from the Xbox 360 version, but alas, all I had was a MacBook Air. So the tech guys at my university took my computer, split the hard drive in half, and installed Windows 7 on the new half. I install Skyrim, everything works great!

Then, hurdle number one: Not Enough Memory

As the number of mods I used increased, the amount of memory I had available started to decrease. Since my hard drive was split in half, I was running with very little memory in the first place. It also didn't help that I got my hands on the other four games in the Elder Scrolls series (yes, even the ones that came out in the 1990s), which, when installed, would eat every last empty bit of space I had left.

This was solved in December of 2014 when I got a 1 TB external hard drive for Christmas. I moved all of my games and then some onto it, and after about two hours of screaming everything worked just fine.

Things went along just fine (not including my brief hospitalization two days after Christmas because my digestive system decided to break).

Then, in February, along came hurdle number two: Skyrim Broke

Running close to 200 mods, many of which were terribly buggy ones, Skyrim gave a few last gasps and died. I basically turned into a surgeon and went deep into the scripts of the game itself, manually removing and deleting all of the buggy mods and then some, deleting scripts, and adding bug fixing mods. I spent three days in total just sitting there fixing the damn thing.

In the end, it was running better than the day I actually got the game. Everything was running swimmingly until Thursday morning of last week, when I was working on an assignment.

Since 1 TB of memory was way bigger than I thought (all of the games and software I have on there and I still have 900 GB of space left), I keep a bunch of assignments on the external hard drive, as well.

I open my computer up, go to look for the assignment, and encounter hurdle number three: The External Hard Drive Isn't Showing Up

For the past week, it had been randomly disconnecting itself, which I could fix by unplugging it from my computer and plugging it back in. Now, it had disconnected itself, but when I unplugged and plugged, it didn't show. I sat there for about ten minutes plugging, unplugging, and replugging, panic increasing. The assignment was due the next day and I couldn't find the other flash drive I had backed it up onto. Worse yet, about 150 dollars worth of video games was on that thing.

I turn the computer itself off and turn it back on again, and the external hard drive finally shows up. I go about my day with a slight sense of unease.

Friday comes. I've gone home for a week. I set up my computer to get that assignment finished and emailed in.

External hard drive doesn't show up.

This time, I turned the computer on and off again about four times before it finally started to work. I finish the assignment, turn it in, and eat dinner with my brother.

I come back to my computer to find the hard drive had disconnected itself again. This time, after ten tries, it still won't come back. Now I'm screaming in frustration.

It randomly works again Sunday night for a few hours, which I spend finally playing my games for the first time since I got home. I finished all of my assignments, I deserve some time to play my games.

Monday morning, I go to play my games again, the drive was, you guessed it, disconnected.

In a rage, I yanked it out of my computer, shook it around for a little while, then plugged it into the family desktop computer, a large iMac.

It shows up...? :stare:

My brother brings me his laptop, a Chromebook. It shows up. :iconupsidedownstareplz:

Cue me running around the house stabbing it into every USB device I could find. It showed up on all of them.

I turn my computer off, then turn it back on, making sure that it loads onto the Mac part of my hard drive.

It works. :iconstareshakeplz:

I turn it off again and load it onto the PC side.

It doesn't work. :iconstareexplodeplz:

Last night, it still wasn't working, no matter what I did. By that point I had taken to the internet. I found a bunch of old forum threads from 2011 where people were having the same problems. I had to sift through the threads that had two posts ("I'm having this problem" then "Never mind, I fixed it" with NO EXPLANATION, relevant XKCD). Eventually I found a worthy thread and tried everything it suggested.  Nothing worked

Hell, I even asked my dad to help me perform a blood sacrifice to the Dark Lord Cthulu. He told me to take a nap.

Still in search of answers, I run around the house grabbing every single USB stick I can find. If it can be plugged into a computer I grabbed it.

All of them worked.

I tried the external hard drive one more time and it still</u> didn't work.

Cue pteradactoyl screeches.

Finally, I get so frustrated that I throw the piece of shit technology at my dad and demands he fixes it. He's up until about two in the morning playing around with the thing before he gives up.

Now, it's Thursday night. My mom and brother take me out for dinner because I'm getting ready to give the hard drive a Viking funeral in a pool of gasoline and need to calm down. I get home and my dad presents me with a USB hub that you plug into the wall and your computer, THEN plug in all of your devices.

We plugged it in and waited several agonizing minutes. Then, the moment of truth arrives, and I plug in my external hard drive.

It works.

I lay down on the floor and cry.

I need a nap.

:icontealdeerplz::iconsaysplz:My external hard drive is a little bitch and it almost made me perform a blood sacrifice to Dark Lord Cthulu.

Bonus Complaint 1: It's still light out in the early evening now and I fucking hate it. My doctor told me that I probably have a weird reverse form of Seasonal Affective Disorder where I get miserable when it's light out instead of the other way around.

Bonus Complaint 2: There's a small chance I might miss the Eurovision final this year and I'm fucking pissed about that.

Anti-Complaint 1: My weird new diet that I had to be put on back in December when I was hospitalized was slightly relaxed. Basically I can eat cheese and drink milk again and that it a cause for celebration.

Anti-Complaint 2: My cats have been very snuggly this week and it makes me happy.

Journal History


Grace Erickson
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
So I finally got around to putting my actual first name on here. I've gone by my pseudonym for a while on here because I'm a paranoid fuck, but...well, I've gotten a bit better about that, ha.

I'm nineteen and three quarters, extremely neurotic, and a writer. I seem like an egotistical jackass but I'm actually not, I just pretend to be so I feel better about myself. I enjoy doing stupid shit for other's amusement, video games, and playing with my babies (cats, in case you were wondering).

I'm in my second year of studying for a degree in Creative Writing and will probably go into editing, but my dream job is to be a stand-up comedian. I'm also thinking about minoring in IT because I spend a lot of time screaming at technology.

I've been writing Elder Scrolls fanfiction as of late, because I don't have the time to commit to something of my own at this time. I also want to save any ideas I get for NaNoWriMo, which I have won five years in a row.

I'm extremely skilled at knitting and crochet, which I do a lot in my free time. I make very cute baby hats and can churn a bunch out in one day as long as I don't have any cuts on my fingers. But I just recently moved to the land of snow and crack-houses (aka Northern Pennsylvania) and accidentally left all of my supplies behind. Sob.

I also draw on occasion, but I'm not all that good at it. I'm actually terrible at it. I mostly do it to get a feel for what my characters look like or if I'm stuck in a boring class.

I speak fluent English and German, enough Russian to not get shot, and am learning Finnish.

I'm obsessed with the Elder Scrolls series and the Eurovision Song Contest. I own all five games from The Elder Scrolls, mostly playing Skyrim and Morrowind. Skyrim is my favorite since it was the one I started with and the graphics don't look like potatoes (well, kind of...I play on a bootcamped Mac so the graphics are actually terrible).

As for the Eurovision Song Contest...well, lets just say that I skipped my senior prom to watch it instead and I got so worked up over Denmark winning in 2013 that I actually fell out of my chair. I can sense people talking about Eurovision from up to six miles away in good weather conditions.

I make mods for Skyrim in my free time. Hit me up if you want links to download locations.
It started with the winter Steam sale and a 1TB external hard drive.

It continued with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind resting happily in the new hard drive.

It will end sometime soon with a DOS emulator and The Elder Scrolls I: Arena and The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.

Basically I have all five Elder Scrolls games now and I'm screaming.
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